For every job seeker, career manager, returning to the workforce candidate or laid off / downsized / former employee sound career management advice is here. Now you can take hold of your career and stop allowing the economy, employers, envious family and friends taking control of your destiny.
In “How to Get Out of Job Jail”, Audrey shows you how to manage your successful career from your first job to entrepreneurial status, if you desire, and then on into retirement status. She reminds you it’s your choice to remain in job jail, be released from job jail or break out of jail all together.
Audrey can show you how to take your stalled career and transform it with her common sense approach to reinventing lifeless careers.
Although the book appears to be written for the job seeker, career changer, those returning to the workforce, or those laid off, there are many things in the book of value to someone just wanting to do better in their current job. This includes military personnel. Some highlights of the book:

Chapter 1
Discusses communication skills including reading, writing, and verbal. Offers some very good advise on how to properly proofread. Also discusses the four dominant communication styles--very useful to a military person.
Chapter 2
Requires one to assess his/her abilities. This is very applicable to military personnel. This could provide new direction in both duty and leadership skills.
Chapter 3
Although this is titled, "Responsibilities," it mainly discusses the resume. While this is definitely useful to someone retiring or separating, some of the suggestions can also be used on evaluation duty decryptions.
Chapter 4
Business Etiquette. This chapter is very useful to the DISA Environment in that military and civilian work side by side. Knowing proper business etiquette practices is crucial to the success of our DISA Assignment.
Chapter 5
Entrepreneurial Skills: A short chapter, and, at first glance, not applicable to military personnel. This chapter correlates how entrepreneurial skills can be applied to daily duties, how these skills can advance one's career.
Chapter 6
This is about Enthusiasm and one of my favorite chapters in the book. There is an A-Z definition of enthusiasm, which is actually called the "ABCs" of leadership.
Chapter 7
Ethics: An important subject and definitely applicable to military. This is a short and to-the-point chapter -- nothing real heavy duty or something new to military personnel.
Chapter 8
Business Relationship: I consider this the best chapter of the book in that it discusses the importance of relationships. Discusses listening, respect, empathy, and dependability. The chapter also discusses different personality types and how to deal with these. This is a highly applicable chapter to all workers, military and civilian.
C = Communication Skills
A = Abilities
R = Responsibilities
E = Etiquette, Entrepreneurial Traits
​​​E​​​​​​​​​​​​​ = Enthusiasm, Ethics
​R​​​​​​​​ ​= Relationship Skills
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