How to Get Out of Job Jail shows readers how to align their thinking and actions so they can take control of their own careers. The 96 page work book is broken down in to eight chapters that will allow users to assess and release themselves from “job jail”. Readers who are tired of advice books, that have input but no action will appreciate How to Get Out of Job Jail: Eight Ways to Have the Career You’ve AlwaysWanted because LeGrand has created a format in which you must look at what you are qualified and passionate about doing. You must put the work in to learn what career path you are to follow.
LeGrand states, “The rewards for landing a better job are significant. When you’re doing what you want to do, you are more productive and you will produce a better quality of work.”  Whether you are a recent college graduate seeking your first adult job, blue color worker looking for a raise, white color employee stuck in middle management or even actively seeking to start your own business simply committing to the eight steps that LeGrand advises you will choose the right career plan and make the proper steps to release yourself from “job jail” immediately.

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After reading this exciting book, I was so motivated about changing careers that I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of attending law school. I took the LSAT and applied to 4 law schools. I am currently awaiting admission.

K. Furnace
Atlanta, GA
I took one of your seminars last fall in Dallas, TX.  I was so impressed, I had to google you and find out more about you.  GREAT JOB!!

C. Redding
Thank you so much for making the workshop I attended last week interesting and entertaining. Your program helped me realize that I am the type of person who can put the “humanity” back in the human
resources industry. Thanks for your career strategy success plan. I truly enjoyed your teaching style.

J. Bachner
Augusta, GA
As I sat reading the chapter on enthusiasm from your wonderful book, I was swept away with your ability to write so clearly about the struggles career changers face in remaining positive in order to overcome obstacles blocking their career advancement. You have lived the struggle. Thanks for putting yourself in our places as many people struggle to get out of job jail.

V. Allen
Ft. Worth, TX
How To Get Out of Job Jail will surely be a business classic for years to come.

J. Wimms
San Diego, CA
I have your Motivational Moments for the Workplace CD in my car and I listen to it each day on my way to work for inspiration. What wonderful and uplifting messages to keep me focused during the work day.

S. Hatcher
Selma, AL
This is more than a book; it’s a workbook, a handbook, an excellent tool that engages the reader and allows them to instantly use practical techniques. The use of quizzes at the beginning of the chapters is brilliant and it shows the reader where they are on the “job satisfaction radar.” It also shows them how they can get from where they are to where they want to go. The worksheets enable the reader to actively participate with the author. This book is like taking a classroom course in the comfort of your home, because the characters are captivating. I saw so many tips that I can immediately put into practice. I high recommend this book to college graduates so they can avoid the “job jail syndrome” and to all employers and employees through out the world.

C. McKenzie
Atlanta, GA
Every reader will gain something from every chapter in this wonderfully written and inspiring career success strategy workbook.

E. Bridges
Chicago, IL
I received your book and have read the first 20 pages. I find it to be packed with helpful information and exercises that challenge the reader to honestly evaluate their skills. I can’t wait to complete it.

G. Brooks
Atlanta, GA
Audrey is phenomenal! Proud to call her sister and know there are only 2 degrees of separation between me and this celebrity.

V. Batteast, Owner of Great Lakes Development Consulting
Chicago, IL
Audrey is a charismatic, dynamic speaker. She is absolutely on point about those personality types found in every job environment. The statistics about the percentage of people really disliking their jobs is amazing, 84%. I can certainly see how in this economy, more and more people are settling for their current job out of fear of stepping out into the unknown.

H. Whack, National Cable Communications
Chicago, IL
There must be Angels watching over me!!!  For me to receive this information at this time is a sheer miracle.  I look forward to reading the complete book. I have attended your seminars in New Orleans.  I was truly highly impressed with your professionalism and wealth of knowledge.

T. Brown, The Lighthouse for the Blind
New Orleans, LA
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